One of my simple pleasures in life is watching movie. I sometimes rent them but if there are cheap dvds at the shops, I tend to buy them. I have my favourite on my collections - light, romantic, comedy. I watched them over and over again. I don't get tired especially if I like the casts. It's a big fun for me and slowly, my Little Boy is catching the hype. He now has a favourite movie from my list. He's a very nice buddy to watch movie too - very entertaining. Plus the fact that there's no interuptions like adds (for anti-wrinkle cream), it has become my favourite past time.

Today, while getting Jens to sleep we watch Sweet Home Alabama. I've seen this movie for the nth times but I can't get enough. Who would when the likes of Josh Lucas is gracing your screen? Lol. Those eyes that pierce through your soul?

This is the scene that I really find funny and my favourite as well.

Listen to FINE!

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