Mixed Feelings

Sometimes, I'm getting mixed feelings. I like my job. It's challenging. The thing is, workload is not consistent. At times, I am not busy. There are also times that I can't squeeze in going to the toilet.

Plus it's way too far from where we live. I have to travel more than 2 hours a day. For me who used to live 15 minutes away from work, it's a big change and a change that is too hard to get used to. Thanks to books and music, they make my travel enjoyable.

It had occured in my mind several times to look for another employment but it is only passing. Only when I feel burnt-out and workload is suffocating me.

Oh well, I can't have the best all the time, do I? I'll just have to think that I have the best job in the world that I can land to.


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