Funny Phrases

The Tatapilla has been really good with his vocabulary. He doesn't stop the amaze us with different words and funny phrases he comes up at un-expected moments.

Typical these days are:
Good boy, Mum.

You're not my friend. You're not my best friend, either.

You're not my little boy, Mum.

Go away.

Sometimes, I am worried that he is getting bully and really vicious but Mcj said, it's all part of his growing up, testing our patience and all. I just hope, it's that and not that we are getting bad as being parents. We do our best (we just don't sit our botttom in home theater seating) but he's been in daycare since he was 1 and I know there are lots of ups, there are also downs and this is one of them.

Oh well, we can only do so much but we are taking our task/job seriously. Besides, we are the guardians.

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