Cost-cutting Measures

This year, I want to cut cost as much as possible. We are planning on spending Christmas and New Year with my family in the Philippines. It is expected that we would spending more than a month of my salary just for pocket money. If I want to give gifts and be a little bit extravagant, I have to save. So, to stick to my goal I plan on blogging the cost-cutting measures that I’m doing towards my goal. Oh, I will also blog my spending – I am known to that originally.

Since the first week of the year, I’ve been bringing food for lunch. At first, my reason was the shop where I used to buy lunches was closed. Now, I realise that I don’t have to buy lunch. I can pack some food at home that I think needs eating or else will just be spoiled.

Today, even if I lack time to prepare in the morning, I had boiled eggs, simple salad – cucumber and cos lettuce – and three slices of garlic bread. Yum!

And I didn’t spend a penny today.


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