New Addition

What a lovable little guy! Sandra Bullock holds tight to her then 6½-month-old son Louis at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport in Texas in July. The actress had a roller coaster of a year, winning an Oscar, filing for divorce and adopting her little "Cajun cookie" from New Orleans.

One man left, another comes along. I think, that's what happened here. He's a lovable boy. Gorgeous too! No need to use GenF20, as it look like he loves his food.

Stars Look for Less

Country's sweetheart perfectly toes the line between sexy and sweet in a shimmering ZSpoke by Zac Posen halter dress, minimal accessories and light make-up at the 58th annual BMI Country Music Awards. While a halter cut dress is a universally flattering silhouette, this sultry style should be reserved for nighttime affairs.

MOLLY SIMSRed is the ultimate holiday hue! Sims ramps up the festive color in a sequin trimmed Marchesa tunic and black tights at the 5th annual Fashion Delivers gala in N.Y.C. Like Molly, try recycling your favorite summer heels by pairing them with opaque nylons.
Editors' Pick
Embroidered Faille Dress, $80, whitehouseblackmarket.com
Editors' Pick
Sequin Inset Dress, $35, charlotterusse.com
Editors' Picks
Sequin Mesh Tank, $23, charlotterusse.comSatin Bow Belt, $22, torrid.comElla Moss Zanzibar Skirt, $83, revolveclothing.com
Editors' Pick
Winter Kate Jade Silk Jacket, $90, nordstrom.com
Editors' Pick

Laundry by Shelli Segal Metallic Halter Dress, $217, edressme.com

The How Do You Know star knows a mini dress with corset boning highlights a petite frame, confidently posing in Zac Posen at the film's L.A. premiere. While an LBD is always holiday-appropriate, added flair – like adorable ribbon detailing! – can help you stand out this season.

Embroidered Faille Dress, $80, whitehouseblackmarket.com

Party is not in my vocabulary really, ever and now, (not because of the payday cash advance issue, but I am really not into it) though I still admire some of the party clothes that I believe would have fit me nice, if I ever want to go to a party.

Casual Shoes

Inspired by ASICS legendary wrestling footwear. code: 4550000800037000
•Feminine Ballet slipper design with a double mary jane style strap
•Synthetic upper
•EVA midsole for lightweight support and flexibility
•Rubber sole for traction

I bought myself this for Christmas. See, I don't want many things but I can't resist the temptation as I went to the sports shops to buy Mcj some hats and saw the shoes. So there, no Photo Christmas Cards this year. I also score myself a hair straightener, my first time and I haven't tried it yet. I have to postpone having a hair cut.


Favourite Couple

After a few days of fun and relaxation Down Under, Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban and daughter Sunday, 2, depart Australia from Sydney Airport Thursday.

Yes, aside from the Afflecks, these are my favourite couple/family. It's lovely to see them all together in one photo. I'm really a sucker for happy family celebs as you can find few these days.

Now, onto something important for this holiday season. The shari's berries chocolate. I wonder where can I get it here from Down Under. Have to check out online for this. I checked at the shops today for some berries for cooking but I reneged on the last minute opting for ready to prepare food. All for the best anyway.



My Favourite Celeb Couple

"I end up at, like, CVS on the 24th being like, 'Maybe she'd like a little Godzilla that goes around.'"
– Ben Affleck, on shopping for the perfect Christmas gift for wife Jennifer Garner, on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Well, I'm on best radar detectors mode again on the hunt for latest photos of my favourite celebrity couple.

Joining the Hype

Touring Australia is a piece of cake for Oprah Winfrey, who makes a surprise visit to an Australian family – and scores some sweets! – as she continues her Down Under adventure in Toorak on Friday.

I'm reluctant to say I am an Oprah fan but I feel the same to say that I am not. I'll just be in the middle. I watch O if I have time and the topic interests me but I don't sought it out. I don't check it out the net unlike insurance quotes.

But most of the telly stations (free to air, that is) has news about her in almost every news program. Might as well post one here. But that one nice sweet there, I reckon.

Royally Beautiful

Prince William and Kate Middleton shared not one, but two official portraits by Mario Testino with the world.

I'm not really into royal news - gossip or not (is it better than playing with psp) but I thought, these photos are really good. Well, Wil's smile is really controlled unlike Kate's. More open. I suppose that's the royal smile. Not showing the laugh lines on the cheeks.


Car Bed

My parents in law is planning to buy The Tatapilla a car bed. That is one of things that I have to shop around. They saw one where they bought my mother in law's mattresses but I want to get the best price, so I want to check out every furniture and bedroom stuff stores.

Wet Weekends

It's been almost a month of weather like this on weekends. Rainy. I can't get my washing dry out on the line. Big pet peeve for me. I have some things planned to do that although they were mostly indoors, weather such as this make driving uncomfortable for me.

I suppose, I should be thankful that I don't have to resort to honda snowblowers to get out of our driveway.

I'm almost done with my cooking and cleaning. More blogging to do though and I want to read books today. Plus, some shopping for The Tatapilla's bed.


The Mentalist

I missed this show. I used to follow it every Monday night. We have to finish dinner by 7PM and ready for bed at 730 then lie down on the bed to watch Two and a half men, Big bang theory and then The Mentalist. Doing opp for www.glucosaminechondroitinmsm.org is out of the question. My schedule is full. Now, I don't have a telly in my room yet and I'm always tired so can't be bothered by tv at night. It'll change eventually.


Among the things Jennifer Aniston is thankful for this Thanksgiving is her favorite vacation spot of Los Cabos, Mexico – where the actress returned this week for some fun in the sun with girlfriends including Chelsea Handler.

Aniston, who celebrated her 41st birthday in Cabo last February, cut her usual fabulous figure in a purple bikini while soaking up the rays on Thursday.

Handler, 35, joined Aniston for some R&R, and had a special message for friends and fans on Twitter: "[It's] thanksgiving, and I am thankful for my dog, my boobies, and my life. Happy thanksgiving to you and your boobies."

This is the latest with JA as per people.com. I particularly like the shade of purple that JA don. And yeah, the bod as well - a good complement to adapexin reviews post, whatdya say?

This is Positive

You are Extroverted, Conscientious, Agreeable and Open

You have medium extroversion.
You're not the life of the party, but you do show up for the party.
Sometimes you are full of energy and open to new social experiences.
But you also need to hibernate and enjoy your "down time".


You have high conscientiousness.
Intelligent and reliable, you tend to succeed in life.
Most things in your life are organized and planned well.
But you borderline on being a total perfectionist.

You have medium agreeableness.
You're generally a friendly and trusting person.
But you also have a healthy dose of cynicism.
You get along well with others, as long as they play fair.

You have low neuroticism.
You are very emotionally stable and mentally together.
Only the greatest setbacks upset you, and you bounce back quickly.
Overall, you are typically calm and relaxed - making others feel secure.

Openness to experience:
Your openness to new experiences is high.
In life, you tend to be an early adopter of all new things and ideas.
You'll try almost anything interesting, and you're constantly pushing your own limits.
A great admirer of art and beauty, you can find the positive side of almost anything.

The Tatapilla and I went to the market which is not in our plan today. I just decided in the spur of the moment to look for a knige block (blank one - without knves) as I disposed our old one. We got tired walking but a bit happy as The Tatapilla had a ride in the merry go round and had some sugar-induced drink. We bought some apples and flowers as insisted by him. Now we have so much fruit that acsonix is not in my book in the near future.

Sexiest Dress For Less

Who says neutrals can't be sexy? The Morning Glory star goes gray, showing off her hot bod in a ruched metallic dress by Lanvin.

ZOE SALDANAYou can mix pattern with bright color! The Avatar star brings easy elegance to the red carpet in an asymmetrical orange Lanvin dress paired with a fun leopard-print clutch.

EVA MENDES'50s-inspired full-skirted dresses are in for the holidays. Take a cue from Mendes's Prada dress and leave the other revelers green with envy in a flirty frock.
Editors' Pick
INC International Concepts Gold Sequin Tank Dress, $99, macys.com
Editors' Pick
Forever 21 Fab Shoulder Sequin Dress, $15.50, forever21.com
Editors' Pick
Veta Sequin Homecoming Dress, $99.90, windsorstore.com
Editors' Picks

Forever 21 Strapless Sweetheart Dress, $24.80, Forever21.com
Morgan & Co. Strapless Sweetheart Ruched Draped Mini, $89, macys.com

It's all that glitters for American Idol's newest judge, who rocks a fitted gold Gianfranco Ferré sheath with a plunging neckline – but keeps it from going over-the-top with a knee-length hemline.

BLAKE LIVELYDon't be afraid to stand out with bold color! The Gossip Girl star gets temperatures rising in a form-fitted, sequined Chanel dress with feathery accents at the hips.
Editors' Pick

INC International Concepts Gold Sequin Tank Dress, $99, macys.com.

Want to score sexy dresses that celebs don for just a bargain price, head on to the people.com and see for other styles as well (before you indulge in md clear research).



On Jen

She must have great cell service! Jennifer Aniston makes a sleek subway exit while filming her new comedy Wanderlust in N.Y.C

A bespectacled Jennifer Aniston joined three girlfriends for dinner at Ty Lounge in New York City's Four Seasons Hotel. The actress, who nibbled on wild salmon and sipped Grey Goose vodka with limejuice, repeatedly broke into laughter as the night went on. "The ladies seemed to be having a really good time together," a witness tells PEOPLE.

I dont feel like Black Friday today after reading several new news about Jennifer Aniston. Who would if you're a JA fan?

From Commoner to Royalty

I always love fairy tale though I know not all fairy tales end in "happily ever after". Well, I found this in People, commoner who became royalty. I was waiting for the Australian Princess Mary of Denmark but it didn't came. Maybe, People don't know her? Maybe.

Country: Spain
Before her May 22, 2004, marriage to Prince Felipe of Spain, Princess Letizia (whose first non-religious marriage ended in divorce in 1999) was a journalist with a résumé boasting stints at Spanish-edition Bloomberg , CNN+ and TVE (Televisión Española), where she was named anchor. Eventually, she could be the first Spanish queen to have been born a commoner.

Country: Jordan
Considered one of the most powerful women in the world, Queen Rania was on a career track (at Citibank and Apple) before marrying then Prince Abdullah II on June 10, 1993, after a five-month courtship. Since becoming Queen, the mother of four has stepped into the role of global ambassador for education and community empowerment, using social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to connect with her growing legion of supporters.

"nough gossip. Now onto researhing on where we can go this coming holidays. Branson vacation is really out of the questions as we don't have plans on going overseash this year. Just locally.

On the home front

Ive been feeling domesticated this weekend and went shopping for some stuff for the kitchen. Things that I haven't really thought even before but it seems I am inspired these days. There limited shops in our area for house stuff and a couple of department stores. I didn't really buy flat tv mounts but just small things like stainless steel bin, silicon dish rack, jar opener (very clever this one) and towel holder.




What does Jennifer Aniston do after a long day of film acting? A little impromptu theater acting, of course.

The actress, 41, made a surprise cameo on stage Monday night as part of the 24 Hour Plays on Broadway charity event in New York. Surprising the audience and her castmates, she played the spirit of a dead dog in The Bitch Downstairs, one of six short plays written and performed in the space of 24 hours.

"She's known about the show for weeks, but whether or not she could perform depended on her shooting schedule. She actually came right from the set," a source said of Aniston, who has been filming the comedy Wanderlust.

To me she looks like fresh from Royal Caribbean cruises. I haven't read anything new about JA for a long time and this is really good news.

Watching Out

I seldom watch telly these days but I hang infront of it every sunday because of this guy here. He was the underdog at first as he forgot the lyrics of the song that he was singing but turned out to be the strongest in the competition as far as I'm concerned. I reckon, people forgot about the hype in human frowth hormone pills when he sings. He's just a star. I'm betting 2 bucks he'll win.

Crossing It

You Are an Optimist

You carry a lot of baggage with you when you travel. Some of it turns out to be unnecessary.
You are an extremely motivated and driven person. The more you accomplish, the better you feel.
When you get tired, you feel calm. You need to wear yourself out in order to be able to relax.
You are happiest when you've reached an important goal or milestone. You like to feel like your life is progressing.

My friend is climbing a big mountain (read:challenge) and I really feel for her. I wish I was there for her and her family. best diet pills is really out of her mind by now. Megs, I hope you'll get through it. I'm sure you will.


Happy, That Is!

Talk about a cute date! Jennifer Garner totes her dimpled daughter, 22-month-old Seraphina, to a Los Angeles restaurant for breakfast on Friday.

I reckon, it's a date between Mum and daughter. Cute. I want to establish the same routine for me and The Tatapilla plus him and his dad. Maybe some pull up bars stunts at the park.



Cooking Marathon

I'm feeling good today as I did a lot of things just for one day. Woke up late yet was able to accomplish a lot. But the downside is, The Tatapilla is still awake up this time.

I was able to put 4 loads of washing - got three loads dry and one load waiting to be put on the line but that can wait for tomorrow. I had two trips to the shops - one for groceries and another for the meat. I cooked 5 dishes today and the last one - braised steak is on the stove. That while facebooking and blogging. A very productive day for me. Maybe, I could still have time to spare to make bridesmaid dresses if I have to.


The Race That Stops the Nation

Melbourne cup brings out the fashionista and gambler in one. People who go to the track anywhere in the country don their best hats and couture and maybe put their bets as well. While those who choose to go to work or watch the race on telly, put their bets on their favoured horse.

My favourite was Maluckyday. It was the 2nd favourite before the race. It ranked 2nd on the race. It was indeed maluckyday.

In the sweeps at the office, I was able to pick Maluckyday and Shooting so I got my money back and a bit more though not enough to finance Disney vacations but no complain. I consider myself lucky actually.


I Have Become an Avid Fan

Hugh Jackman shows his silly side catching a ride on a scooter to pick up his daughter, Ava, from school.
Picture: Snappermedia

When I saw the poster ad for Lipton, I asked "what the heck is HJ doing in an iced tea ad?". I thought, it's really out of his league (much like Rebecca Minkoff handbags). But hey, he looked good in it.

Young Book Worm

Her book club: Pint-Sized P.I.s of Hollywood
What she's reading: Pony Problems (Nancy Drew & the Clue Crew 3) by Carolyn Keene
Category: Mystery
Relevant because… Ben and Jen's clued-in kid, 4½, is adding budding bookworm to her extracurricular list of ballet and dress-up accomplishments.

This just makes me say "WOW!". I know it's possible but really to know that somebody as young as 4 1/2 can read is really un-believable. Okay, maybe believable but still surreal (like wearing ugg boots in the dessert).

Love the Bag

I mean, who doesn't? Well, maybe those who don't like structured bags but for me, this is the ultimate bag that I wish to have. If I own such beauty, I would require Mcj to have a door lock for our wardrobe. I won't have my little monster get into it. Sad to say, I don't but I am happy as I would be stressed just maintaining it.

Happy Go Lucky

Your Defense Mechanism is Sublimation

Compared to most people, you handle your problems very well.
You're good at channeling negative energy into positive energy. You know how to change your perspective.
You turn bad events into opportunities. You find strength in dealing with your problems.
You are inspired and productive. Some may describe you as a "tortured genius" - but you're not that tortured.

As always. I have never changed a bit. I don't really take life seriously but I am also responsible, if that's possible. I just don't like making my life miserable when I have a choice not to be. If I am fat (which I am not), I won't obsess myself with being bitter and channel all my energy to getting thin, instead I'll grab the safest diet pills that work. I mean, things are invented because of necessity.


Shades of Pink

I was watching this video when I noticed Sarah Geronimo's makeup. The shades of pink is nice. I can't say much about make-up because first, I don't use any [aside from lip gloss, if you can say it's part of makeup condiments :)] and second, I am not really interested. But it doesn't mean that I don't appreciate a good one if I see someone wearing it. I don't wear makeup purely by choice not that I am worried about acne solution.

Anyway, this video is ultra-nice.


The Most Eligible Woman

Well, what can I say aside from commenting on what I read online. I'm not in the best foot to pass judgment but I reckon she is single and available and because, the's popular she's rated that. From what I know of her, again based on what I see and hear and read (as I don't know her personally), she's a great person, has great bod (not sure if she's reading dermapril review, though). There could be reasons why she's single but I think, it's up to her. Nobody can judge her just because she's un-attached as far as we know.

The Latest

Photo of Hugh Dancy that I can find, that is. Since watching the movie The Confessions of a Shopaholic, I became a fan of him. I've seen the movie several times, I had a small dose last night. I get a boost watching feel good movies - same hype as when I find discount laminate flooring or any discount sale.

Don't leave her hanging! Emmy winner Claire Danes – whose HBO movie Temple Grandin took home seven awards – high-fives husband Hugh Dancy on the dance floor at West Hollywood's Trousdale lounge, where Emmy host Jimmy Fallon threw his own afterparty.


Remixing Wardrobe

I don't own as much clothes as I want for several reasons - money and space of course. I'm still trying to learn how to mix my odd bits and pieces. Well, what better way to learn than to check out the celebs. I know, it's easy for them as playing the playstation 3 but not for me. I'm not a trend-setter let alone have a knack in dressing up.

Expert fashionista Jones gives her J Brand "Gigi" jeans a menswear spin with a fedora and bright oxfords one day and a classic ladylike look with cap-toe heels and a luxe tote another.

Not only are Biel's Roger Vivier flats stylish, they're so versatile! From a tank and jean shorts to a ladylike cardigan and wide-leg trousers, the neutral snakeskin shoes work with the gamut of her wardrobe.

Army green shorts are a wardrobe staple for many women. Leave it to Paltrow to take them from preppy with a button-down and Goyard tote to rock-star cool with a leather jacket and tough booties.


Again, somebody left the company this week. It was very sudden but I am not going to be modest and say that I was so astute that when that person was called up, I knew what was coming as the senior staff was advised to lock his computer and all the passwords to network access and computers were changed. A swift goodbye followed and a sweet short company meeting followed. Back to business.

As stressed several times, we are a team and each one should be working towards the common goal together. I’m sure it was not about netbooks or whatever. It’s about performance. Things such as these make one think and double think. Holding onto a job is not easy even if you believe you are doing your best. I remember what a friend said back then. You need to keep yourself abrased with what’s the latest, hone your skills and keep on getting better. Just like celebrities, they aspire to be the best. They develop their skills to an optimum level.
What should you do to keep up to beat?



The Blue Dress

Reese Witherspoon and newly-engaged co-star Tom Hardy (not pictured) film a pub scene on the Vancouver set of their upcoming action-comedy, This Means War, Friday.

If I ever want a blue dress, it would be something like this. Nothing that will stop the roadside assistance club but dainty and neat. Oh, I love the hair as well.


Sleep and Food

You Are a Morning Person

You're optimistic, alert, and full of energy to start the day.
While you would love to party all night, you rather be up at the crack of dawn.
You don't procrastinate or spend time worry about what to do next.
You take life by the reigns, and you like to have an early start.

I can't really say that I am a morning person because if I have a choice, I'll sleep-in every single day of my life but I am not a night person either. My mind goes to pause mode at 5PM. I need to re-charge for a couple of hours if I need to go back to work. Most of the nights, I go to sleep early so waking up early is not really a hiccup for me.

These days, I am keen in watching what I eat actually as I seem to be lethargic. I eat whatever I want without worry or thought on quick weight loss pills that I would need if I beef up - which I has not happened in my entire life.


The Women - Movie Time

I saw this movie yesterday, to perk up my chore of folding the laundry. It was quite "nice". Not far from the movie Sex and the City. Always, with shopping. Oh I love the displays.

One thing that caught my attention (real hard) is the way Meg Ryan acts. It's always the same - I mean, the roles. Boyish, rugged don't care for anything at all. It sounds boring sometimes but I do still watch her - the same thing as people who loves sports like BPI Sports Rx6.


More Goss

I'm into blogging frenzy today and have heaps of time to check out people on People.com. Here are some of my finds aside from the Fastest working diet pills

Ben Affleck and wife Jennifer Garner leave the kiddies at home on Friday, opting for an adults-only visit to Starbucks in Brentwood, Calif. Affleck's latest movie, The Town, hits theaters this weekend.

Mr. Big did what? Ditching stilettos in favor of comfy moccasins on Friday, Sarah Jessica Parker gets a shock while walking and talking in New York's West Village neighborhood.

People's Most Beautiful Person

At 42, the mother of three (twins Hazel and Phinnaeus, 5, and Henry, 2) is celebrating her fourth turn as the cover girl for PEOPLE's Most Beautiful. While the star of the upcoming film Eat, Pray, Love is as lovely as ever, old pal George Clooney says he knows her secret. "It has nothing to do with the way she looks," he says. "It has everything to do with who she is."

But, at home, Roberts favors a more relaxed look: makeup-free and often in yoga pants. It's all part of her easy home life that she's embraced since marrying cameraman Danny Moder, 41. "She seems to have made peace with everything," says Pretty Woman director Garry Marshall, a longtime pal. "He is a laid-back guy. Surfing is his big thing. He's not a driving ambitious husband. They kind of enjoy being with each other without a big circus." And the kids? "They are very cute and have a great joie de vivre, which Julia always had," he says.

Even her old pal George Clooney agrees she's as beautiful inside as out. "There's a reason why Julia is a timeless beauty, and it has nothing to do with the way she looks," he says. "It has everything to do with who she is."

Well for one, she looks timeless. She actually ages gracefully and more beautiful now than she was in Pretty Woman. Could it be that she's with health insurance in nc, hence she's worry free?

Tom and Julia

I haven't seen any movies with Tom and Julia in it yet so I might watch out for this (like I am for a adult acne treatment - which means, maybe or maybe not).

"Goodbye, Angel!" Tweeted Tom Hanks, posting this shot from pal and costar Julia Roberts's last day on the set of his new comedy-drama Larry Crowne.

Facts from wikipedia:
Larry Crowne is an upcoming comedy-drama film directed by Tom Hanks and written by Hanks and Nia Vardalos. It stars Hanks and Julia Roberts. The film is being produced by Hanks and his partner Gary Goetzman at Playtone, with financing from Vendome Pictures.

Universal Pictures is distributing the movie in the United States,[1][3] with an expected release in 2011.



One of my favourite getup. I'm not sure if I can pull it off. But maybe, I can copy some. I'm not really a trend-setter nor a conformist. I wear whatever I own. :) Besides, I am not in dire assistance of fat burner so I'm being positive here.

The Eat Pray Love actress adds personal touches to her blazer and denim separates with a checkered scarf, leopard flats and beaded bracelets at Narita International Airport.

Love The Smile

as always her winning smile is just at the top.

The Eat Pray Love star cuts a statuesque figure in a classic black lace Dolce & Gabbana gown and Bulgari jewels at the Italian premiere of her movie.

I'm a fan - not really big but I own dvds of some of her movies. It seems the latest flick that she's starred is a big hit. I won't be the first one to put my hands up to say I will watch the film. I read the book and that's just about it. I'd rather do up my opp on weight loss diet pills. I don't want to be disappointed.

Sling Bags

I'm a sucker for bags and [shoes]. Especially if the colours are really nice. How's this for a showcase. Pick one.

I'm not buying any as I just bought one very recently but I would pick the blue to put my diet pills (not!),


A house is not a home without Love and Furniture.

A house gives us shelter from the elements, but what makes us want to return there time and again are the things that make it a home. We “home in on it” without even giving it a second thought, almost like we are drawn to it like ferrous metal to a magnet. Without contemporary coffee tables, bedroom suites, dining tables and other furnishings and the sense of being welcome, why would we want to go there?

GUEST POST by Christopher John Petersen author




This is the upcoming kanta-serye of my favourite celebrity in the Philippines. Although, I won't be able to see it live I'm still excited for it's premiere on television because it means that the fans all over the world will be recording snippets of it and sharing on the web. Can't wait. It seems to me, watching the video is like winning a theater tickets only that it's Sarah Geronimo. I have never been this fanatic but I like the feeling. Makes me young. Lol.

I Wish They Were True

Your Road is Paved With Wisdom

You've probably traveled on a long, hard road already in your life, and you've learned some important lessons.
You know to let the small things slide. Things usually turn out better than you fear.
You've learned to sit back and enjoy the ride. You don't push too hard. You pace yourself.
You offer good advice to others, and you are an ideal friend. You find it easy to share your wisdom.

On the ideal part that is. Although, I consider my friend as a true friend to some chosen one, I can't really say that lately I've been an ideal one. The demand of a working mum and wife is really squeezing my schedule really tight and I have very little to spare. I haven't really made many friends here but I norture those that I have already established despite the distance. I just hope they're like a metal building - strong to withstand bad weather.

Goss Time

So here's one of the latest with Jen Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is not one to be photographed with Lindsay Lohan's leftovers and let the story sit around too long.

After dining with LiLo ex Harry Morton Wednesday at The Sunset Tower Hotel, Jen was papped last night having a romantic dinner date at Madeo in West Hollywood with another familiar gentleman.

So who's the guy?

None other than rumored boyfriend ('tho we just think more-than-friend) Chris Gartin.
Read more: http://ca.eonline.com/uberblog/the_awful_truth/b198840_jennifer_aniston_cozies_up_former_fling.html#ixzz0yctwC5Po

So who's this Chris Gartin. I have to dig up (as it will be an itch much like wanting to know about Mesothelioma diagnosis if I can't).

Christopher Russell Gartin (born January 12, 1968) is an American actor. He is perhaps best known for his role in the 1996 film Tremors 2: Aftershocks as cab driver Grady Hoover. He also had roles in the films As Virgins Fall, johns and the comedy Friends & Family. On television, Gartin has had roles on various shows such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Will & Grace, and as Rob Hartman on the "Finding Judas" episode of House. In July 2007, he joined the ensemble on Side Order of Life on the Lifetime Network. In 2009, he began appearing on the HBO series "True Blood" as Hugo, the human lover of Isabel, a Dallas vampire who serves as second lieutenant to Godric.

Gartin was born in New York City, New York. He was previously married to Australian-born Joanne Gartin, an event planner in Los Angeles who has organized weddings for such Hollywood names as Elizabeth Berkley and Greg Lauren, Molly Shannon, Taye Diggs, Kate Walsh, Tori Spelling, etc


Go Figure

Every time we go to the shops close to our house, my half-man would stop at the toy vending machine (that's how I call it as I don't know the name). He would try to figure out how to make it work and get some stuffed toy or chocolate out of it without knowing that he'd need two bucks to do it. I' not being a scrooge (or saving for a document management stuff) for not letting him try it but that monster had already taken enough money from me that I swear it won't happen again. I just don't see it practical. Paying two bucks in rides is better. Besides, he can still wiggle to stick and enjoys it.

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