Experiencing Info Overload?

I was at the mysimplerlife.com today and saw these great tips that I thought, I would share it here:
Stop Information Inflow
• Quit reading magazines
• No watching the news or getting it online
• No web surfing unless I need a specific piece of information
• No buying books, ebooks, or audio programs
• No going to the library to browse
Reduce Other Sources of Information
• Limit my reading of blogs in my Google Reader to 5 posts. I scan to see which look the most interesting.
• Limit newsletter reading time to 5 min a day
• No multi tasking like reading while eating or watching TV while checking email
• Read only one book at a time
Add Quiet
• Usually when I feel information overload it is because I have been stuffing my brain, but not allowing anything to digest
• Sit and do nothing every day, let the mind wander and process
• Journal before bed to get things out of the head

After reading these tips, I came to a conclusion that almost all my life, I am having information overload. I read books, magazines, papers, or just anything yet in the end I can’t remember what are the topics I read. I have very low retention capacity.

Or is it because I am just not interested to what I was reading at all. Well, I have a reason for that.

My work requires a lot of thinking and analysis. Sometimes, it gets too complicated that I can hardly understand what I’m working on. It is also very detailed that digging up left me dry. And so I read materials that are amusing (according to me) and yet very petty. After a few hours, it would be completely out of my mind. Only those stuff that struck me or gets me hyped-up retains in my mind. I don’t worry because that’s what exactly I expect to happen from reading trivial stuff.

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