My vacation leave of 4 days for Christmas was approved. Yay!

The accommodation was booked early this year even before my 3 weeks holiday to the Philippines. We left-out the flight bookings as I was not sure that I would be approved of another leave.

I’ve been planning to ask my boss at the start of this month but I was always hesitant. Fortunately, when I ask him tentatively, he said that our Christmas Holiday calendar is looking good that I can take 4 days off.

Next is booking the flights. My tax refund was deposited to my account yesterday. It will pretty much cover our flights and a few more extra for our local transport.


Awkward Moment

You and a male colleague went out of the toilet at the same time. Not the same toilets of course. The doors of the ladies and gents toilets are facing each other. You two are not really close. What would you do?

I smiled and walked hurriedly. Good thing I was set to buy lunch. He, on the other hand, walked slowly and went back to the office.

Awkward, awkward, awkward.



Dust Storm

The dust storm started around 9AM in Brisbane. I took this photo around 10AM from the office.

It was this around noon.

It lasted until night.

The news said, more to come tomorrow.

My entry for skywatchers.

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Branching Out

I’ve been branching out on the task in the office.

Since our tester was fired early this year, I’ve taken over most of the major tasks of that role. I’ve been doing regression testing on new releases of the system as well as the fixes made. Although, this is a big task and a very crucial one – one of the reasons why I don’t really own it – it does ends. It’s just during releases that I am extremely busy.

Of course, I’m still on the consulting side. I have spearheaded a project with a customer and I am assisting my colleagues especially on the financial side in their projects.

To top it up, I am also doing support on the financials.

See, I don’t get empty handed for long.

Now, I am groomed to soon be able write reports. Complex reports. I’ve been writing reports for my own use when I am investigating issues but not those complicated ones that require scripting.

I’ve been assigned a report that requires several parameters. I thought, I can do it without much programming. Thanks to our report writer, I finished it today. I’m learning. Getting there.

If I have time tomorrow I would hit the shop to look for a crystal programming book. Hopefully, there’s one available in the nearest shop.

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I've been trying to join to BNP for 10 minutes. Hope posting this works. :) I was actually trying to put the banner on the side but it didn't work.

Anyway, I'm already there.
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