I had a 360 degrees turn-around when it comes to typing, spreadsheet and basically the use of computer.
In my second year in college, I almost miss being in the honour roll because my grade in Typing 01 is below the minimum required. You see, I enrolled late for financial reasons so I ended up in the class of another program. I was late to get in the first class so I was assigned to a lousy type writer. Take note, type writer. That was around 1995 if my memory serves me right. I went to college in a small school in the next town of where my parents live.

That’s by the by.

I had two computer subjects in my entire college years. We were using MSDOS and Lotus 123 then. I now can’t remember what we used those programs for. Maybe for booting and re-booting. :)

My first job was accounting clerk and I wasn’t even allowed to face the computer hence I left the job two months later. Then, in the next company, there were two computers which we shared the four of us. It was manual as we didn’t have a mouse. Imagine that? Since then, I’ve faced the machine everyday that I was in the office.

Then, I almost flanked my typing class. Now, I can type without looking at the keyboard. It doesn’t take me long to memorise the keyboard. I was hesitant to say I can touch type because I don’t really know what the meaning of those words. So I asked wiki and it says:

Touch typing is typing without using the sense of sight to find the keys. Specifically, a touch typist will know their location through muscle memory. Touch typing involves placing the eight fingers in a horizontal row along the middle of the keyboard (the home row) and having them reach for other keys.

After reading this, I can now proclaim that I am a touch typist – not that fast though.

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