We have implemented the use of Timesheet in the office. It was one of the “makeovers” that the management want to implement along with us moving to the new office location. At first, we used just a formatted excel spreadsheet. It turned-out to be a good process and control. After a couple of months, a new feature in our system were introduced, that is the Timesheet. I did the testing.

It is a very good management tool and quite user-friendly. The timesheet is not used as a tool to monitor the hours spent by the staff in the office. The management is very flexible and considerate that as long as you do your job, you can leave the office early if you need to. This tool is used to measure how many hours are spent on support, administration, customer assistance and on any staff-specific tasks.

I heard that most consulting company use timesheets for their consultant. This is my first but a welcome performance improvement tool for me.

I usually update my timesheet at the beginning of the following day and at the end of day on Friday – just in case I won’t be in the office the following Monday.

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