Official First Drive to Work

To the train station that is.

I had the full reign of the steering wheel today. No Mcj beside me. Just Jens and I. It’s the first for me.
I was excited at the same time apprehensive about my first time to drive by myself. I am apprehensive that I don’t know how to turn the lights on at night. I was worried that I might be late for my train; that I will have difficulty looking for a parking space and will also have trouble parking.

Mcj is very supportive. He planned last night to follow me and drive up to the station first to save a parking space for me while I drop Jens to “school”. Dropping Jens was easy – he didn’t make a fuss at all. When I was turning up to the station, I can’t find Mcj while looking ahead. I turned right and there he was; parked and he left two parking spaces for me from the other car. I then parked next to the other car and signed a thumbs-up to him to check if I did it right. You see, I have problem parking at the shops. But silly me, I didn’t remember the countless practice I had with my instructor on how to park in between two cars. I did it this time.

We left the house early expecting troubles when I drop Jens and then when looking for parking. Fortunately none of those happened. Everything was smooth. I caught the early train so I can head home early and might be able to use some sun power when I pick-up Jens at school.

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