That word used to be so foreign to me. I heard it from our IT people before but that was it – I have no idea what is it. From what I heard, it seems to be so complex.

Now, I still can’t explain it in technically or lay man’s language but I don understand it. I was taught how to create a simple one – I’m not sure if I can remember how to. But I’ve been testing series of workflows since I was employed here. Most of the time, it is used to cater a customisation that our client wants especially those functions and features that are not covered by our standard functionalities.

According to wiki:
The term workflow is used in computer programming to capture and develop human-to-machine interaction. Workflow (management) software aims to provide end users with an easier way to orchestrate or describe complex processing of data in a visual form, much like flow charts but without the need to understand computers or programming.

Many software systems exist to support workflows in particular domains. Such systems manage tasks such as automatic routing, partially automated processing and integration between different functional software applications and hardware systems that contribute to the value-addition process underlying the workflow.

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