Use Pillow Cases

You're out of washing bag for your delicates, little items like socks, underwear or just like me there are clothes that you don't want to be stretch or could just be for handwashing but too lazy to hand-wash them? Throw them in your pillow cases. It is better if they are those odd pairs that you have in your linen cupboard. It is also handy if they have zips so you won't have a problem tying the open end and find out at the end of the wash that the tie had come lose and all your delicates were actually thrown out of the safety net and been whirled around. It happened to me several times.

Also, you can throw in those little stuffed toys that are grubby from being toyed while the little ones are eating or just being towed anywhere around the house. They'll be safe in the washing.

So don't throw those odds pillow cases. You wouldn't know when you will need them.

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