Transparent Shoe Box

I first saw it in telly. One of the entrepreneur Mums was selling it online. I wanted to get some. They're quite handy if you have several pairs of shoes and at times might find it hard to look for them in the boxes. It always happened to me because my shoes that came with me from the Philippines have no boxes. I found several big shoe boxes (from Mcj's shoes) and they can fit at least 3 pairs of my shoes. Truth be known, I sometime have to open several boxes before I'll be able to get what I want. That's where this transparent shoe boxes come in handy. Problem was, the seller only accept credit card payment. Darn, I don't use credit card when shopping online.

Then, MIL one day gave me one of those transparent boxes. I didn't know what was it. I was thinking, gee, she's giving me some of her unwanted gifts again. But it was a collapsible transparent box. She got them from ALDI for $8 a dozen or a half (not sure). She's offering me more but I might just be needing a couple.

They're not dear and certainly, they are very handy in organising your shoe collections.

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