My Machine

As a consultant, I was issued a laptop machine. That’s given – I will visit the client’s site, so I need my machine with me. It will also allow me to work from home sometimes – which I did when the air conditioning here in the office was not working and it was summer.

The downside though is, it is stone heavy. I have fair meters to walk up to the station and the road is very steep (I’ll take a photo sometime). Its slope is almost 90 degrees. I slipped twice on my way down – first on New Year’s eve, I hurt my knee and torn my pants, second was yesterday - I only fell on my hands, I use them for support. I had a bit of pain on my wrist though.

I’m planning of wearing rubber or running shoes on my way to and fro the office and just put on my work shoes here. Or I really have to look for shoes that will support me or I just need to be more careful. It’s either one or the other. Lolz.

Still, my machine is heavy and it’s giving me pains – on the back.

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