The History

I was really not workaholic but living in a place far from my parents or any family, I was forced to. I need to while my time away rather than spend them aimlessly at the shop where I could put a hole in my hip pocket.

For almost seven years, I spent two thirds of my time in the office but not necessarily viewed as I was working. I was so fortunate to work in a very generous, dynamic and liberal organisation that allows employee to overstay in the office, using the company’s resources chatting, surfing the net, or just doing anything. The pattern of my week-days schedule became so routinely that it bordered boredom. For some maybe, but not for me. I love exploring things virtually and doing some reading and research.

I was a mere staff in the Treasury Department – senior staff maybe as when the supervisor is away, I did her duties, but I love what I was doing. Our team played a very important role in the company – managing its resources especially cash. We were using an operational financial system then.

The plan of the company to upgrade the financial system was brewing and there was so much politics and drama that I didn’t take part of it. But the team which eventually became the Enterprise Resource Planning team, needs a member from Treasury Department. I was the most senior; I know the ins and outs. The team leader needs to recommend one from their team but my boss didn’t want to push me up. The ERP team was viewed to be very important then that everyone wants to be a part of it. There was so much speculation running in the office who will be recommended, etc. One of the team leaders of the ERP team is my friend and she wanted me to be our representative. As I’ve said, my boss was pulling my leg. His reason was, I was not focused, I am careless and I get distracted easily. Of course, he didn’t say that in my face but in the conference of the finance bosses and one of them was and is still my best friend. Of course, she told me about it. I wasn’t hurt because deep down I know the real reason. They don’t want to lose me. I was too valuable for them. But even then with his reason, my ERP Team leader friend fought for me. Thanks to her.

To cut the long story short, I was with the ERP team for more than two years. Then along the way, I met my man, got married and moved to Australia. A year later, I gave birth to a beautiful boy. Everything was in good timing. I can’t look for work so what better way was it to spend my time than to rear a child. Two months before my li’l man’s 1st birthday, I got my permanent residence visa.

I’ve flung my resume’s over the net for some time. I’ve been, err we’ve been (with my hubs and little boy in tow) to at least 5 interviews and although they were hopefuls there was no offer. I was looking for work that was in-line with my previous life career or something that I can use my knowledge of the system. Then, one day I was called for an interview with the employer. You see, using an employment agency here is necessary to get a job. God works in mysterious ways indeed. The job ad that I wasn’t hoping to be qualified was the one that land me this job.

I was interviewed twice, they took a reference from my ex-boss in the Philippines and I started working a month after that.

I am really thankful that they gave me the opportunity despite my lack of local experience which was always the factor/questions that I dreaded to answer during job interviews.

I learned the system which was a far cry from what I used to in more or less two months. Yes, within two months in the company, I gave the accountant of one of our customers an informal training and it was sort of successful. I got bored at some point because there was really no substantial assignment thrown my way – it was the quiet time of the year, by the way. Mcj was so supportive. I always put my hands up for any small task.

I got permanent on the first week of December 2008. A perfect Christmas presents.

And now, I am honing myself for a big break – leading the new project which was down in Melbourne. That, while brewing this new blog. LOLs.

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