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It’s a problem for us at home. Storage space. And everyday, I am trying to conceive ideas on how to solve it. It is fun as it is frustrating. My constant search for solution to this problem has led me to several tips online including these, from bhg.com:

Toss It in a Case

Make cleanup a breeze by converting ready-made pillow cases into storage bags.

How to Make It

-- Stitch a casing a couple inches from the case's top edge.

-- Thread cording through the casing.

-- Clinch bags and hang.

Perfect Shower Storage
Tuck kids' bath toys and gear into a liner that hangs out of sight behind the shower curtain. Made from athletic mesh, this bag drip-dies fast.

How to Make It

-- Size the liner to one width of mesh.
-- Sew a strip of fabric along the top edge for a stable surface. Add slots for shower curtain pins.
-- Customize the lines by making a series of mesh pockets to hold gear.
-- Cut mesh to size for pockets, then stitch a length of contrasting fabric, at the top, to create a casing.
-- Thread elastic through the casing and pull to gather.

Toss It Over the Couch
Create a place for everything with this fun throw. It tucks under the sofa cushions and lifts off at a moment's notice.

How to Make It

-- Sew large pockets to a sturdy throw.
-- Add 3-inch panels to the sides and bottom.
-- Add embellishments such as ribbons, buttons, and zippers to complete the look.

Hanging Storage
Oilcloth bags hanging on the back of the door corral blocks, Barbies, and other small toys. Zippers on the sides of each bag let a child open it for use as a play surface.

How to Make It

-- Cut two rectangles (one for facing, one for lining) with a 1/2-inch seam allowance on all sides.
-- Sew zippers into the sides of the bag.
-- To make the tabs, cut a fabric strip 5-1/2 inches wide.
-- Fold the long edges in so they slightly overlap and machine stitch.
-- Cut tabs to fit over rod.
-- Top off with a snap to hold the ends together.

These sure are quite handy. I'll try them if I got the time to use my sewing machine. One for the TODO basket.
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