Cleaning the Wahing Machine

I only do our washing once a week - on weekends and mostly Saturday unless it rains. I'm not really fussy but I just want to make sure that all the dirt are removed from our clothes, there's no stain left on the lil man's shirts, the white stays white and no lint on blacks. But try as I might, I always fail. I just brush it off and forget about it. What frustrates me most is the lint that I get on dark coloured clothes. Grrrr. I know that it's because of a dirty washing machine. I don't really have a code on how I clean it. I just wash the lint filter after a load of washing. Is it enough?

Anyway, here are some tips on how to clean your washer from homehints.com:

First check the filter for coins or rubbish, then check the hose for any blockages.

Remove the soap drawer and give it a good scrub in warm water; sticky residue indicates you could be overfilling it.

A routine maintenance wash will keep things in good order.

Do a full wash (empty) at the hottest temperature, then wipe down the drum and door with warm, soapy water and dry. Leave the door ajar to prevent damp, but keep pets and children clear.

I'll give the last one a try sometime. It's just a waste of water though. Lols.

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