Bookcase Shades

This is featured in bhg.com as a weekend project.

Looks very easy to do but here's how it is to do:

Decide where you want the canvas cover on the shelves.

For each shade, cut the canvas to the length and width of the space you wish to cover, leaving room for hems along three sides and a 1-inch rod pocket at the top.

Hem three sides.

Sew a rod pocket into the top large enough to fit the tension rod.

Place the tension rod through the rod pocket.

Install the tension rod into the desired space.

What you need
Modular shelf unit
Cotton canvas or twill
Sewing machine or needle
Tension rods

It looks stylish isn't it? If you haven't got a modular shelf unit, you don't have to buy a new one. Check out your local second hand shop.

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