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You're clothes, job, and friends may have changed some - but time hasn't changed you.



Spoilt for Choice

After reading this post, I thought I would make my own guidelines or update the existing ones.

Foremost, the choice of shops. For food shopping, I adopted my husband’s. Shop at a shop owned by a local – not necessarily living in our area but as long as Aussie. Next is the completeness of the items – I don’t want to end up going at three different shops. Just in our suburb, there are 4 Supermarkets in the shopping block – two major players and two independent. When we just need few items (like milk, juice, bread), I usually hit the independent that’s very accessible.

As to choice of food and grocery items, quality comes first, followed by price. I think, looking at the quality of the product especially fresh produce is necessary. There’s also the consideration of when are you going to use it. If you’re planning to use it in the next couple of days, it doesn’t have to be very fresh if fresh comes with an exorbitant price.

For packaged or processed food, I stick with what I’ve proven and tested that suits my family. If it’s on special, I tend to buy two or three. Same standard goes with buying toiletries and baby products. And I tend to buy in bulk at is really saves me money.

A necessary evil for my husband in the hot weather is cola. We’ve narrowed down the choice between Pepsi and Coke – and then the price of the two. Pepsi is a lot cheaper (and taste a lot nicer for me) but when Coke is on Special, I get it.

Clothes shopping is a bit complicated as there are lots of factors to consider. There’s the weather, the quality, the colour and make, the design, the price.

Buying shoes for me is a different story. I haven’t developed guidelines on this yet. I am always ruled by impulse but today, I promised myself, no buying until I get them tattered. I have never trashed a pair of shoes as far as I can remember. They normally end up to another person’s feet if I get tired of them. Hopefully I can stick to this.

Experiencing Info Overload?

I was at the mysimplerlife.com today and saw these great tips that I thought, I would share it here:
Stop Information Inflow
• Quit reading magazines
• No watching the news or getting it online
• No web surfing unless I need a specific piece of information
• No buying books, ebooks, or audio programs
• No going to the library to browse
Reduce Other Sources of Information
• Limit my reading of blogs in my Google Reader to 5 posts. I scan to see which look the most interesting.
• Limit newsletter reading time to 5 min a day
• No multi tasking like reading while eating or watching TV while checking email
• Read only one book at a time
Add Quiet
• Usually when I feel information overload it is because I have been stuffing my brain, but not allowing anything to digest
• Sit and do nothing every day, let the mind wander and process
• Journal before bed to get things out of the head

After reading these tips, I came to a conclusion that almost all my life, I am having information overload. I read books, magazines, papers, or just anything yet in the end I can’t remember what are the topics I read. I have very low retention capacity.

Or is it because I am just not interested to what I was reading at all. Well, I have a reason for that.

My work requires a lot of thinking and analysis. Sometimes, it gets too complicated that I can hardly understand what I’m working on. It is also very detailed that digging up left me dry. And so I read materials that are amusing (according to me) and yet very petty. After a few hours, it would be completely out of my mind. Only those stuff that struck me or gets me hyped-up retains in my mind. I don’t worry because that’s what exactly I expect to happen from reading trivial stuff.


Jen Fan

I just became a Jennifer Aniston fan - it all started when Bradd left her. I haven't really followed their love story but from what I heard from my ex-coworker before, they were really good.

They look together. It's really a shame they split up.

I just wish Jen will find her true love.

Say What?

(pronounced as separate letters) Short for Open DataBase Connectivity, a standard database access method developed by the SQL Access group in 1992. The goal of ODBC is to make it possible to access any data from any application, regardless of which database management system (DBMS) is handling the data. ODBC manages this by inserting a middle layer, called a database driver , between an application and the DBMS. The purpose of this layer is to translate the application's data queries into commands that the DBMS understands. For this to work, both the application and the DBMS must be ODBC-compliant -- that is, the application must be capable of issuing ODBC commands and the DBMS must be capable of responding to them. Since version 2.0, the standard supports SAG SQL.

I was reading the Training Material for Crystal report. There was a definition of term section but still I don’t really understand it so I have to seek the help of the web.

I first try Mr. Wiki. I can’t quite understand the definition. Then, I found the above. I was pretty satisfied.


Making Babies and Pregnant

A second grader came home from school and said to her grandmother, "Grandma, guess what? We learned how to make babies today." The grandmother, more than a little surprised, tried to keep her cool "That's interesting," she said, "how do you make babies?" "It's simple," replied the girl. "You just change 'y' to 'i' and add 'es'."

Children's Logic: "Give me a sentence about a public servant," said a teacher. The small boy wrote: "The fireman came down the ladder pregnant." The teacher took the lad aside to correct him. "Don't you know what pregnant means?" she asked. "Sure," said the young boy confidently. 'It means carrying a child."

Emailed by a friend

LOL. And more LOL.




My vacation leave of 4 days for Christmas was approved. Yay!

The accommodation was booked early this year even before my 3 weeks holiday to the Philippines. We left-out the flight bookings as I was not sure that I would be approved of another leave.

I’ve been planning to ask my boss at the start of this month but I was always hesitant. Fortunately, when I ask him tentatively, he said that our Christmas Holiday calendar is looking good that I can take 4 days off.

Next is booking the flights. My tax refund was deposited to my account yesterday. It will pretty much cover our flights and a few more extra for our local transport.


Awkward Moment

You and a male colleague went out of the toilet at the same time. Not the same toilets of course. The doors of the ladies and gents toilets are facing each other. You two are not really close. What would you do?

I smiled and walked hurriedly. Good thing I was set to buy lunch. He, on the other hand, walked slowly and went back to the office.

Awkward, awkward, awkward.



Dust Storm

The dust storm started around 9AM in Brisbane. I took this photo around 10AM from the office.

It was this around noon.

It lasted until night.

The news said, more to come tomorrow.

My entry for skywatchers.

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Branching Out

I’ve been branching out on the task in the office.

Since our tester was fired early this year, I’ve taken over most of the major tasks of that role. I’ve been doing regression testing on new releases of the system as well as the fixes made. Although, this is a big task and a very crucial one – one of the reasons why I don’t really own it – it does ends. It’s just during releases that I am extremely busy.

Of course, I’m still on the consulting side. I have spearheaded a project with a customer and I am assisting my colleagues especially on the financial side in their projects.

To top it up, I am also doing support on the financials.

See, I don’t get empty handed for long.

Now, I am groomed to soon be able write reports. Complex reports. I’ve been writing reports for my own use when I am investigating issues but not those complicated ones that require scripting.

I’ve been assigned a report that requires several parameters. I thought, I can do it without much programming. Thanks to our report writer, I finished it today. I’m learning. Getting there.

If I have time tomorrow I would hit the shop to look for a crystal programming book. Hopefully, there’s one available in the nearest shop.

Blog ng Pinoy


I've been trying to join to BNP for 10 minutes. Hope posting this works. :) I was actually trying to put the banner on the side but it didn't work.

Anyway, I'm already there.



I had a 360 degrees turn-around when it comes to typing, spreadsheet and basically the use of computer.
In my second year in college, I almost miss being in the honour roll because my grade in Typing 01 is below the minimum required. You see, I enrolled late for financial reasons so I ended up in the class of another program. I was late to get in the first class so I was assigned to a lousy type writer. Take note, type writer. That was around 1995 if my memory serves me right. I went to college in a small school in the next town of where my parents live.

That’s by the by.

I had two computer subjects in my entire college years. We were using MSDOS and Lotus 123 then. I now can’t remember what we used those programs for. Maybe for booting and re-booting. :)

My first job was accounting clerk and I wasn’t even allowed to face the computer hence I left the job two months later. Then, in the next company, there were two computers which we shared the four of us. It was manual as we didn’t have a mouse. Imagine that? Since then, I’ve faced the machine everyday that I was in the office.

Then, I almost flanked my typing class. Now, I can type without looking at the keyboard. It doesn’t take me long to memorise the keyboard. I was hesitant to say I can touch type because I don’t really know what the meaning of those words. So I asked wiki and it says:

Touch typing is typing without using the sense of sight to find the keys. Specifically, a touch typist will know their location through muscle memory. Touch typing involves placing the eight fingers in a horizontal row along the middle of the keyboard (the home row) and having them reach for other keys.

After reading this, I can now proclaim that I am a touch typist – not that fast though.


Qwerty. Heard of this term? I did once from my co-worker. I wasn’t concerned then. But when I was in wiki, I saw the word and it intrigued me.

QWERTY (pronounced /ˈkwɜrti/) is the most used modern-day keyboard layout on English-language computer and typewriter keyboards. It takes its name from the first six characters seen in the far left of the keyboard's top row of letters. The QWERTY design was patented[1] by Christopher Sholes in 1874 and sold to Remington in the same year, when it first appeared in typewriters.

So, this is the keyboard that I’ve been using ever since.


Official First Drive to Work

To the train station that is.

I had the full reign of the steering wheel today. No Mcj beside me. Just Jens and I. It’s the first for me.
I was excited at the same time apprehensive about my first time to drive by myself. I am apprehensive that I don’t know how to turn the lights on at night. I was worried that I might be late for my train; that I will have difficulty looking for a parking space and will also have trouble parking.

Mcj is very supportive. He planned last night to follow me and drive up to the station first to save a parking space for me while I drop Jens to “school”. Dropping Jens was easy – he didn’t make a fuss at all. When I was turning up to the station, I can’t find Mcj while looking ahead. I turned right and there he was; parked and he left two parking spaces for me from the other car. I then parked next to the other car and signed a thumbs-up to him to check if I did it right. You see, I have problem parking at the shops. But silly me, I didn’t remember the countless practice I had with my instructor on how to park in between two cars. I did it this time.

We left the house early expecting troubles when I drop Jens and then when looking for parking. Fortunately none of those happened. Everything was smooth. I caught the early train so I can head home early and might be able to use some sun power when I pick-up Jens at school.


The Fanatic in Me

I didn’t really think I am fanatic. I have favourite actors, artists, athletes and sportsmen and women, leaders – political and spiritual, author, etc. But my admiration revolves around watching their film or games, listening to their music, reading their books or anything they wrote – all done in a mild fashion and only in my spare time. Never did I realise that I have to follow their everyday lives – of course only what’s available on the net or paper.

I’ve went through phases of favourite people.

There’s Nicolas Cage. Seen some of his worth-watching (my opinion) flicks.

Luke Wilson. I used to have his photo on my office desk back in the Philippines.

Eric Bana. Oh, how Troy brought him to my senses. I’ve followed him all over the net for a time.

And many more. All of them fade in and out of my fancy. I still check them out sometimes.

But these are my new found “everyday click” people.

Roger Federer. My ex-boss/friend brought back home a magazine with Roger in the cover from the US and since then we shared notes about RF. I moved to Oz where people love sports so almost every tennis tour is aired even in free tv – I get to see him play every major tournament. I have yet to see Australian Open but as long as it is in Australia, I never loose hope that I might see him sometime. I check his website when I’m free almost everyday – followed his games and personal life. Although, I must admit that when Roger played the finals in the Australian Open against the Cypriot Marcus Bagdhatis, I rooted for the latter. Only because he was the underdog. Don’t we all care for the underdogs?

Jenifer Aniston. Friends was aired here and I seldom miss it. We have to be home by 6:30 weekdays – that even when I was already working. She’s not really my favourite in the show – as I like them all there. Then, Brad left him (that’s how I get it because he was with Jolie right away). In my mind, I have to care for this woman (in my own little way) because she needs it. She may not know it, I don’t mind. I’m happy with what I’m doing. I bought magazines with her in it – although I’m boosting the profits of the publishing company and even if what’s written is bordering on goss, it doesn’t bother me. I don’t claim that I know her from what I’ve read as they might bear the truth or might not. Stop explaining, you. I just care for her because for me she’s nice and it might be a point in her life when she needs somebody to pray for her. I pray for her sometimes that she’ll be happy. That’s what fans do, right?

And the latest.. drum roll, please!

Sarah Geronimo. I used to be her fan but not to the extent of what I am now. I just watched her segment in ASAP. End of story.

Now? It all started with me buying her movie AVSL during our holiday in RP. I soo soo soo like it – seen it more than 10 times. I spent countless hours on the internet looking for a free viewing of the sequel movie – YCML. And I did found one – yehey (although, they closed shop the last time I checked – what a shame as I have referred it to my friends, haha). YT provided hundreds of resources and materials for Sarah’s concerts, MTVs, guestings, ASAP clips and so many more. The other fans are so generous to share without fear that there might be copyright infringements. I check abs-cbn sites just to get titbit of news about Sarah as well as her fans’ sites almost everyday.

I confess, this is by far the extreme that I have done for the person that I look up to (I really want to say, I care for). I know this too shall pass like my other craziness and all the other things that we don’t want to expect that happened in our lives. For now, I’m on high! Adik!


In my spare time I read books. It’s one of my hobbies that I can’t push back even if how busy I am. Books have always been my company – when I am alone and when I felt alone (this happened in the distant past).

Before I got my residency here in Oz, I always drag my husband to the 2nd hand book shop. Reading can be an expensive hobby but if you play your cards right, it doesn’t have to. I’ve just been buying seconds even when I was in the Philippines – you just have to give more time and effort looking for the latest published books.

When I got my “go signal”, I applied for a library card (it really didn’t occur to me to get my husband sign up in the local library for me). Since then, I’ve borrowed more than 200 books. I don’t go for just one genre – I have fiction, non-fiction, light, drama, heavy, etc.
And I’m currently reading “Love as a way of life” by Gary Chapman. I picked that book without knowing who Gary Chapman is. After reading a couple of pages, I found out that I read one of his books before, the Five Languages of Love. Although, I had not really digest that book.

The Five Languages of Love is sort of an idea, a fact, a lesson to teach us but it doesn’t explain how to show those languages and that’s how the “Love as a way of life” was born – that’s how I get it. The book for me is an action book. It has stories of a number of people who demonstrates those languages and the ways of showing love – not just for your partner but for everybody.

The book is my train-travel mate but it seems not appropriate to read it in public. Every time I open it and after reading a few pages, I always have to close my eyes, take a deep breath and try to contain my emotions and swallow back the tears. Sometimes, I really can’t stop a tear or two to pop out my eyes. It’s embarrassing to cry in public (or even to laugh if you are alone).

I read several books that have made impressions on me, that left footprints in my mind and heart but not too strong that I have not been actively practising or using it. Yet, “this book” is teaching me a lot already that I am practising it while I’m in the processing of reading it (process as it last for a week or two).

I don’t know how to make a credible book review and I’m not going to try now. All I want to say is if you have time go check out “this book”. You might find it as interesting as I do.


We have implemented the use of Timesheet in the office. It was one of the “makeovers” that the management want to implement along with us moving to the new office location. At first, we used just a formatted excel spreadsheet. It turned-out to be a good process and control. After a couple of months, a new feature in our system were introduced, that is the Timesheet. I did the testing.

It is a very good management tool and quite user-friendly. The timesheet is not used as a tool to monitor the hours spent by the staff in the office. The management is very flexible and considerate that as long as you do your job, you can leave the office early if you need to. This tool is used to measure how many hours are spent on support, administration, customer assistance and on any staff-specific tasks.

I heard that most consulting company use timesheets for their consultant. This is my first but a welcome performance improvement tool for me.

I usually update my timesheet at the beginning of the following day and at the end of day on Friday – just in case I won’t be in the office the following Monday.


I am a Fan of the Fans

I am now a confirmed fan of Sarah Geronimo. I check sarahgeronimo.com – the official fansite of Popsters (I gather they are the official fans club of SG) almost everyday.

Every time I read latest news about her in the forum, I can’t stop to be amazed at how eager the fans are, how excited they are, how enthusiastic they are on spending their hard-earned or saved money to buy SG’s albums. They want their “idol” to be number on anything that she or her album or movie is nominated – they would go extra lengths to vote.

Their enthusiasm is very contagious, I’m catching it.

Sometimes, I reckon I’m being silly for spending my time and energy on being a fan but I am happy doing it.


I am a Fan of the Fans

I am now a confirmed fan of Sarah Geronimo. I check sarahgeronimo.com – the official fansite of Popsters (I gather they are the official fans club of SG) almost everyday.

Every time I read latest news about her in the forum, I can’t stop to be amazed at how eager the fans are, how excited they are, how enthusiastic they are on spending their hard-earned or saved money to buy SG’s albums. They want their “idol” to be number on anything that she or her album or movie is nominated – they would go extra lengths to vote.

Their enthusiasm is very contagious, I’m catching it.

Sometimes, I reckon I’m being silly for spending my time and energy on being a fan but I am happy doing it.



That word used to be so foreign to me. I heard it from our IT people before but that was it – I have no idea what is it. From what I heard, it seems to be so complex.

Now, I still can’t explain it in technically or lay man’s language but I don understand it. I was taught how to create a simple one – I’m not sure if I can remember how to. But I’ve been testing series of workflows since I was employed here. Most of the time, it is used to cater a customisation that our client wants especially those functions and features that are not covered by our standard functionalities.

According to wiki:
The term workflow is used in computer programming to capture and develop human-to-machine interaction. Workflow (management) software aims to provide end users with an easier way to orchestrate or describe complex processing of data in a visual form, much like flow charts but without the need to understand computers or programming.

Many software systems exist to support workflows in particular domains. Such systems manage tasks such as automatic routing, partially automated processing and integration between different functional software applications and hardware systems that contribute to the value-addition process underlying the workflow.


Economic order quantity

... is the level of inventory that minimizes the total inventory holding costs and ordering costs. The framework used to determine this order quantity is also known as Wilson EOQ Model. The model was developed by F. W. Harris in 1913. But still R. H. Wilson is given credit for his early in-depth analysis of the model.

Underlying assumptions:
• The ordering cost is constant.
• The rate of demand is constant
• The lead time is fixed
• The purchase price of the item is constant i.e no discount is available
EOQ is the level of the inventory where ordering cost and carrying cost remains equal.

Something to do with the inventory costing in our system.

Quotes from Joel Osteen

  • People respond when you tell them there is a great future in front of you, you can leave your past behind.
  • Prospering just doesn't have to do with money.
  • Prospering just doesn't have to do with money.
  • When you focus on being a blessing, God makes sure that you are always blessed in abundance.
  • You can change your world by changing your words... Remember, death and life are in the power of the tongue.

Want to read about Joel Osteen? Click here.


Skywatch #2

I was really busy at work last week. Didn't get to write anything about anything at work at all. Just an update, I'm going to Melbourne next week for two days to meet the customer for the first time. I'm not going alone - that I am happy.

Since, this weeks skywatch has sort of beach theme, I'll post one of the old photos I got when we dash to the beach from my in-laws place.

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When it's really hot, we make short trips to the aquatic centre to have a quick dip. It's just a short 5 minutes drive from home. The place is nice, spacious and clean.

Scenic Sunday


Skywatch #1

Somebody said that if the sky is somewhat like this in Russia, it will be icy cold there. I wonder if it's true.

It's summer in Down Under and the sun sets more or less around 7PM. This is just past 6pm on the way home from dining out. It was a lovely day for us after feeding the ducks at the park.

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Skywatch # 1

My first skywatch is much the same with the featured lesson but with a moon instead. I didn't quite capture the halo but there was indeed a halo on the moon that night.

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Vertical Market

What is that? I heard that several times, I don’t understand what it is but I have an assumption. Assumption which is very far from what it is really meant.

Helpful wiki said:

A vertical market is a group of similar businesses and customers which engage in trade based on specific and specialized needs. Often, participants in a vertical market are very limited to a subset of a larger industry (a niche market). An example of this sort of market is the market for point-of-sale terminals, which are often designed specifically for similar customers and are not available for purchase to the general public.

The activities of participants within any given vertical market are typically similar in that they aim at solving the same or similar problems. These markets are typically competitive, due to the overlapping focuses of the products and services that are provided to the customers.

The single defining characteristic of the participants in a vertical market is competition within a well-defined segment.

A vertical market is a market which meets the needs of a particular industry: for example, a piece of equipment used only by semiconductor manufacturers. It is also known as a niche market. [1]

A horizontal market is a market which meets a given need of a wide variety of industries, rather than a specific one: for example, word processing software.

I worked for a company that is in vertical marketing - meat industry, carpet, retail (hardware), etc.

My Machine

As a consultant, I was issued a laptop machine. That’s given – I will visit the client’s site, so I need my machine with me. It will also allow me to work from home sometimes – which I did when the air conditioning here in the office was not working and it was summer.

The downside though is, it is stone heavy. I have fair meters to walk up to the station and the road is very steep (I’ll take a photo sometime). Its slope is almost 90 degrees. I slipped twice on my way down – first on New Year’s eve, I hurt my knee and torn my pants, second was yesterday - I only fell on my hands, I use them for support. I had a bit of pain on my wrist though.

I’m planning of wearing rubber or running shoes on my way to and fro the office and just put on my work shoes here. Or I really have to look for shoes that will support me or I just need to be more careful. It’s either one or the other. Lolz.

Still, my machine is heavy and it’s giving me pains – on the back.

Understanding Jargons

Seriously, I have very vague information technology know-how. I know how to navigate in the client setup of the system and thankfully, the database structure is very easy to access and manage so I always play around with it. My officemate said, I’m breaking in the data because I get errors that they don’t which sometimes, I myself doesn’t even know the reason why. I just love playing around with it.

Anyway, I heard of the terms server – linux, microsoft, etc. Then, there’s the term bugs. Oh, I’m pretty limited with them. Thanks to the net, if there’s something that I want to check, it’s always very reliable. I get more than what I am looking for although at times, it doesn’t really answer my question. If more, it just confuses me all the more.

Here’s one that’s funny. I don’t know what white paper means. Our sales person send an email regarding the microsoft new solutions which we already have and it was in white paper. What the ball, is white paper? Coupon bond? Lolz.

So, here’s wiki’s answer to my question:

A white paper is an authoritative report or guide that often addresses problems and how to solve them. White papers are used to educate readers and help people make decisions. They are used in politics and business. They can also be a government report outlining policy.

This term maybe common to everybody but not to me. I am not that exposed so, sorry folks, it’s my first time.

The History

I was really not workaholic but living in a place far from my parents or any family, I was forced to. I need to while my time away rather than spend them aimlessly at the shop where I could put a hole in my hip pocket.

For almost seven years, I spent two thirds of my time in the office but not necessarily viewed as I was working. I was so fortunate to work in a very generous, dynamic and liberal organisation that allows employee to overstay in the office, using the company’s resources chatting, surfing the net, or just doing anything. The pattern of my week-days schedule became so routinely that it bordered boredom. For some maybe, but not for me. I love exploring things virtually and doing some reading and research.

I was a mere staff in the Treasury Department – senior staff maybe as when the supervisor is away, I did her duties, but I love what I was doing. Our team played a very important role in the company – managing its resources especially cash. We were using an operational financial system then.

The plan of the company to upgrade the financial system was brewing and there was so much politics and drama that I didn’t take part of it. But the team which eventually became the Enterprise Resource Planning team, needs a member from Treasury Department. I was the most senior; I know the ins and outs. The team leader needs to recommend one from their team but my boss didn’t want to push me up. The ERP team was viewed to be very important then that everyone wants to be a part of it. There was so much speculation running in the office who will be recommended, etc. One of the team leaders of the ERP team is my friend and she wanted me to be our representative. As I’ve said, my boss was pulling my leg. His reason was, I was not focused, I am careless and I get distracted easily. Of course, he didn’t say that in my face but in the conference of the finance bosses and one of them was and is still my best friend. Of course, she told me about it. I wasn’t hurt because deep down I know the real reason. They don’t want to lose me. I was too valuable for them. But even then with his reason, my ERP Team leader friend fought for me. Thanks to her.

To cut the long story short, I was with the ERP team for more than two years. Then along the way, I met my man, got married and moved to Australia. A year later, I gave birth to a beautiful boy. Everything was in good timing. I can’t look for work so what better way was it to spend my time than to rear a child. Two months before my li’l man’s 1st birthday, I got my permanent residence visa.

I’ve flung my resume’s over the net for some time. I’ve been, err we’ve been (with my hubs and little boy in tow) to at least 5 interviews and although they were hopefuls there was no offer. I was looking for work that was in-line with my previous life career or something that I can use my knowledge of the system. Then, one day I was called for an interview with the employer. You see, using an employment agency here is necessary to get a job. God works in mysterious ways indeed. The job ad that I wasn’t hoping to be qualified was the one that land me this job.

I was interviewed twice, they took a reference from my ex-boss in the Philippines and I started working a month after that.

I am really thankful that they gave me the opportunity despite my lack of local experience which was always the factor/questions that I dreaded to answer during job interviews.

I learned the system which was a far cry from what I used to in more or less two months. Yes, within two months in the company, I gave the accountant of one of our customers an informal training and it was sort of successful. I got bored at some point because there was really no substantial assignment thrown my way – it was the quiet time of the year, by the way. Mcj was so supportive. I always put my hands up for any small task.

I got permanent on the first week of December 2008. A perfect Christmas presents.

And now, I am honing myself for a big break – leading the new project which was down in Melbourne. That, while brewing this new blog. LOLs.

The Conception

This blog was conceived in the toilet. Weird or ironic? I think, it’s both.

I wasn’t busy yet, though there is a big project brewing and I wanted to blog about it. I have several blogs running but I reckon, the subject doesn’t really fit in any of them. I’m always on blog mode and it may sound really weird but going to the loo is my favourite time because I can brood, mull anything over and just be myself.

Then, I thought of putting up this blog. I have so much to share and to wonder and questions on my shift of career that I thought it deserve a whole new page and better yet, a new blog.

So, blogworld.... (drum roll please)... here is The Other Side of Me.


Laudry Must Have's

...according to homehints.com.au.

Fully biodegradable washing detergent
Napisan or similar nappy soakers for whitening
Chamois or stain removal blocks
Bicarbonate of soda
Commercial stain removal spray
Sard wondersoap or equivalent
Lavendar or citrus oil for scenting sheets
Colour run remover
Dry cleaning fluid
Pure soap flakes for washing woolens

I must admit, I don't have all these. I only use soap flakes for washing the lil man's clothes, napisan, liquid washing detergent and a bleach. The latter is the most effective way to get rid of stains and making white stays white.

Cleaning the Wahing Machine

I only do our washing once a week - on weekends and mostly Saturday unless it rains. I'm not really fussy but I just want to make sure that all the dirt are removed from our clothes, there's no stain left on the lil man's shirts, the white stays white and no lint on blacks. But try as I might, I always fail. I just brush it off and forget about it. What frustrates me most is the lint that I get on dark coloured clothes. Grrrr. I know that it's because of a dirty washing machine. I don't really have a code on how I clean it. I just wash the lint filter after a load of washing. Is it enough?

Anyway, here are some tips on how to clean your washer from homehints.com:

First check the filter for coins or rubbish, then check the hose for any blockages.

Remove the soap drawer and give it a good scrub in warm water; sticky residue indicates you could be overfilling it.

A routine maintenance wash will keep things in good order.

Do a full wash (empty) at the hottest temperature, then wipe down the drum and door with warm, soapy water and dry. Leave the door ajar to prevent damp, but keep pets and children clear.

I'll give the last one a try sometime. It's just a waste of water though. Lols.

Book-shelving Ideas

Running out of space for your books? Here are some ideas on how to create and save spaces from bhg.com.

One of my wish list when we build our own house is to have a library. I don't have much books yet but I'm planning to grow my collection. But if the lot area does not permit a library, I can draw my shelving ideas from these.

This one above is my favourite.
To the Ceiling

Here's a terrific way to create storage and a focal point using less than 12 inches of floor space. A wall of bookshelves stretches up to the ceiling and brackets a pair of French doors.

I thought at first, the french doors are bay windows.


I'm not really sure I am like this. :)

What Your Handbag Says About You

You are concerned with how you appear. Projecting your high status is important to you.

You tend to be relaxed throughout the day. You are naturally at peace.

You tend to be on high alert. You are very aware of your surroundings.

You are a high maintenance person. You feel lost outside of your normal environment.

You are open and comfortable with who you are. You don't hide anything.

You are practical and down to earth. You tend to be a rather reserved and quiet person.


Prettify a Boring Wall

This wall is realy boring and unsightly, could be worse if not painted. This year I decided to hang some pictures on it.

I think, the frame has added some life to the monotone paint.

Have a boring wall at home? You can try to put some pretty frames or drawings of your little one.


Book Organiser

The little boy has lots of books. He loves reading and sometimes playing with them. I just place them in a place within his reach but at times, he just leaves them anywhere he read them. So I thought, I'm going to buy a book organiser. This encourages him to replace the book after reading. Not only a handy space-saver but also teaching him a good habit.

Sewing Kit

I haven't got a designated sewing room. My sewing machine is currently mingling with our washer and water heating unit in the laundry room. My sewing materials are stashed away somewhere.

When we went to Bunnings to buy big container boxes for our linens, I saw this small organiser cabinet. It is quite handy for the little materials in my sewing kit like, needles, buttons, cotton, ribbons, etc. I have yet to label each drawer.

I have so many projects in mind. One is looking for ways where to put my sewing machine.

Fruit Basket

We have our lucky charm with us when we went to the New Year's Square Dance party. We won a hamper. They were just mostly grocery items - didn't thrill me that much. The winner for me is the basket that held the hamper. It is just made of wicker or bamboo or something - not really sure, but I love it. I turned it into my fruit basket. Before, I was just using a hand-painted bowl. I reckon, I can also use it as a picnic basket. Very versatile and I got it for free.

Bookcase Shades

This is featured in bhg.com as a weekend project.

Looks very easy to do but here's how it is to do:

Decide where you want the canvas cover on the shelves.

For each shade, cut the canvas to the length and width of the space you wish to cover, leaving room for hems along three sides and a 1-inch rod pocket at the top.

Hem three sides.

Sew a rod pocket into the top large enough to fit the tension rod.

Place the tension rod through the rod pocket.

Install the tension rod into the desired space.

What you need
Modular shelf unit
Cotton canvas or twill
Sewing machine or needle
Tension rods

It looks stylish isn't it? If you haven't got a modular shelf unit, you don't have to buy a new one. Check out your local second hand shop.

Transparent Shoe Box

I first saw it in telly. One of the entrepreneur Mums was selling it online. I wanted to get some. They're quite handy if you have several pairs of shoes and at times might find it hard to look for them in the boxes. It always happened to me because my shoes that came with me from the Philippines have no boxes. I found several big shoe boxes (from Mcj's shoes) and they can fit at least 3 pairs of my shoes. Truth be known, I sometime have to open several boxes before I'll be able to get what I want. That's where this transparent shoe boxes come in handy. Problem was, the seller only accept credit card payment. Darn, I don't use credit card when shopping online.

Then, MIL one day gave me one of those transparent boxes. I didn't know what was it. I was thinking, gee, she's giving me some of her unwanted gifts again. But it was a collapsible transparent box. She got them from ALDI for $8 a dozen or a half (not sure). She's offering me more but I might just be needing a couple.

They're not dear and certainly, they are very handy in organising your shoe collections.


Use Pillow Cases

You're out of washing bag for your delicates, little items like socks, underwear or just like me there are clothes that you don't want to be stretch or could just be for handwashing but too lazy to hand-wash them? Throw them in your pillow cases. It is better if they are those odd pairs that you have in your linen cupboard. It is also handy if they have zips so you won't have a problem tying the open end and find out at the end of the wash that the tie had come lose and all your delicates were actually thrown out of the safety net and been whirled around. It happened to me several times.

Also, you can throw in those little stuffed toys that are grubby from being toyed while the little ones are eating or just being towed anywhere around the house. They'll be safe in the washing.

So don't throw those odds pillow cases. You wouldn't know when you will need them.

Easy Storage Ideas

It’s a problem for us at home. Storage space. And everyday, I am trying to conceive ideas on how to solve it. It is fun as it is frustrating. My constant search for solution to this problem has led me to several tips online including these, from bhg.com:

Toss It in a Case

Make cleanup a breeze by converting ready-made pillow cases into storage bags.

How to Make It

-- Stitch a casing a couple inches from the case's top edge.

-- Thread cording through the casing.

-- Clinch bags and hang.

Perfect Shower Storage
Tuck kids' bath toys and gear into a liner that hangs out of sight behind the shower curtain. Made from athletic mesh, this bag drip-dies fast.

How to Make It

-- Size the liner to one width of mesh.
-- Sew a strip of fabric along the top edge for a stable surface. Add slots for shower curtain pins.
-- Customize the lines by making a series of mesh pockets to hold gear.
-- Cut mesh to size for pockets, then stitch a length of contrasting fabric, at the top, to create a casing.
-- Thread elastic through the casing and pull to gather.

Toss It Over the Couch
Create a place for everything with this fun throw. It tucks under the sofa cushions and lifts off at a moment's notice.

How to Make It

-- Sew large pockets to a sturdy throw.
-- Add 3-inch panels to the sides and bottom.
-- Add embellishments such as ribbons, buttons, and zippers to complete the look.

Hanging Storage
Oilcloth bags hanging on the back of the door corral blocks, Barbies, and other small toys. Zippers on the sides of each bag let a child open it for use as a play surface.

How to Make It

-- Cut two rectangles (one for facing, one for lining) with a 1/2-inch seam allowance on all sides.
-- Sew zippers into the sides of the bag.
-- To make the tabs, cut a fabric strip 5-1/2 inches wide.
-- Fold the long edges in so they slightly overlap and machine stitch.
-- Cut tabs to fit over rod.
-- Top off with a snap to hold the ends together.

These sure are quite handy. I'll try them if I got the time to use my sewing machine. One for the TODO basket.
More here.

Hello World!

This is blog is concieved in a spur of the moment while I was surfing for organisation tips. You see, we are running out of room in the house and I must start thinking of efficient storing system lest we'll all be buried with stuff that we don't necessarily need.

Living in a seasonal country makes storing of seasonal stuff necessary especially if you are like us - having small safe and clean storage space. We are living in a big property but I don't really like keeping important stuff in the shed that dust are creeping in or there's a possibility of mites to gnaw on them.

This blog will include tips from myself and from others that I may deem helpful. So, please check out often.
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