Looove it!

I love nature.. the rain, the trees, the dew... the green! And this photo says it all!


My Visal DNA


Miss.. Miss.. Miss

I don't know if Miss Universe will be aired here in free tv. You know, we don't subscribe to pay tv. :D

While waiting for some mysteries in the free tv channels to announce that they're going to cover the event and for May 28 Mexico City time, I take a peak to some of the photos of the contestants on the net where I dont have to pay.

Miss Australia

Miss Philippines

I am rooting for these two! I bet you know why? :D

The Notebook

Genre: Drama / Romance

This is one of the movies that worn me off if I watched over and over again. I've seen this is in the cinema and I bought a disc with the good intention of watching it many times more.

And I did, for the nth times last week.

I am not really into movies that are flashbacks as it ruin my trail of events of the movie but this one is off the record.

I couldn't help to admire Noah for his determination in building his dreamhouse which Allie had made notable contributions on how she want it to be designed when they were still an item, when it was already 7 years that he didn't have contact with Allie. God knows, what Allie could have been up to that time. The house was a labor of love. Little did he know that his love for Allie will bring him back the love of his life.

It is another movie that proves first love never dies rather, it is just burried in the deep recesses of the mind that will be awaken anytime.

The love that Noah and Allie shared was so strong that it brought them out of so many hurdles even dementia.

Nicolas Sparks could not make it more beautiful and inspiring as it already was.


Typical Aussie Friday Night

A typical Aussie Friday night is no cooking, gobbling pizza with beer for dinner while watching footy!

I had a little dose of a typical Aussie Friday night. Having pizza for dinner while watching movies. I cooked though but had to keep the meal for the next day and instead order pizza for MCJ and the guy fixing the computers. Oh, I didn't drink any beer also. I don't particularly like beer even if I was not preggy.

And yes, I watched two movies just to be around MCJ.

I don't mind sounding un-cool and admit that I am a Juday fanatic. Back then, I always see to it that I don't miss to see any of her movie.

When Don't Give Up On Us was shown in the cinema, I was here but I secure a copy of the movie when I got back to Manila. I've watched it twice there and I did again last Friday and yet, it didn't fail to entertain me to the max and lighten up my mood. I still giggle and feel mushy like it was the first that I've seen the movie.

I particularly like this movie, as I think this is the first where Juday's role was the mature, sophisticated and practical career woman not the damsel-in-distress role that most if not all of her movies were themed.And I love the twist at the end... made me cry though!

Btw, I had to watch this movie using the headset as MCJ and C (computer geek) can overhear the dialogue and I don't want to rattle them. :D

I bought some old movies before that I reckon worth watching over and over again. And the Story of Us was one. But after seeing the movie, I proved myself wrong. It isn't worth seeing more than once.


Because, the story slipped down pass my expectations. After reading the synopsis saying "they worked on their failing marriage on the latter part" and the acclaim that it was "the most romantic movie of the year", I put all my heart's desire into it. And I just end up disappointed.

I was really looking forward to the moving, heart-wrenching scenes where they would laborously patch up their marriage rather than Katie's realization on the last part opting for the chinese resto instead of their house where they would break the news of their separation to their kids. And pfffftttttt! The end! Fairy tale of sort!

Romantic? There were only few romantic scenes and they were flashbacks.

My only consolation was I like Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfieffer.


Let the World Knows About Your Business

Does your business has a website? If so, that's good value as people can accidentally or intentionally click on your site and make a go from there. But having your business known to 45 million companies in 75 countries is another story. Worldwide businesses can view your company profile. And that's what Masterseek does to your business!

Simply enter your company profile and product in Masterseek and the world can view it. That's value added to your company as most business is running on a fast pace and are techno-savvy, so you're in for the competition and even have an edge.

Just have a go to the Masterseek website and try to search for different business categories in your area and you'll see and know what I'm talking about. Being a Masterseek member really makes a difference.

A Simple Way To Earn Money

I have been blogging for almost two years now about our lives, the environment and anything that may catch my fancy. My motivation before was, I want to develop my writing skills then I went to a full time wife from a working woman and I need to channel my excess energy and time to something worthwhile.

Then, I discover Bloggerwave. I bet those who wants to earn money while blogging the things they love would agree to me that the motivation to write more raised a notch higher if you are getting paid. And Bloggerwave exactly does that! You just have to sign-in which is pretty much easy to do with the user-friendly website and register your blog. You can register up to 5 blogs, so the more you write, the more you earn and the more you earn, the more that you're motivated to write some more. Did I make sense? Did you get my drift?

Bloggerwave is in the process of branching out in this competitive industry so approval to your blogs registration and post just takes a little time.

I told my friend, we should have been a long way of earning money from blogging should we know and discover Bloggerwave early on. Now, all I just have to do is write and write some more!

So what are you waiting for? Head now to Bloggerwave and start earning money right away!


They're Back

My Tuesday nights are lighten up a notch higher by these three! Two and half men is back last Tuesday showing two episodes to my delight.

Hubs and I usually don't watch telly series but because of Charlie Sheen, we do now!

Just love the dry humour of Charlie and the smart-ass remarks of Jake.

Can't stop grinning even until the show is over. Ohhh, giggling sometimes!



Movies are shown a bit late here in my part of the world but the good thing is for sequel movies they showed the prelude in the box. In my point, it's a good marketing strategy. It psyche the viewers to watch the new flick.

For two consecutive Saturdays, one free telly station aired the Spiderman 1 & 2. It was a premier. Hubs and I stayed up late of course to see it though, I have seen them all, Hubs hasn't then.

We don't have plan when to watch the Spiderman 3. I'm sure, we'll wait for the dvd release again. :D But we're already guessing who's the villain in the third sequel. I won't tell you but I am excited to see it to prove that I am right. lol


Lucky You

I am a Bana-tic. The first time I watched Eric Bana's movie, I instantly fell head-over-heels over him.

And now, Lucky you is shown in town. In your part of the world, this might be an old flick but in the Land Down Undah.. well, this is new.

I couldn't wait to see this movie but we might be able to wait a little longer for the DVD release. Hubs and I don't really watch movies in cinema, we just wait for the DVD so we can watch it over and over again. :D

For now, I'll just hang on to my memories of Eric Bana's movies.
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