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I don't have the talent to make small room look big, to add light to a dark nook or to transform shabby place into a haven. I can arrange and put things inorder.. err the order that I want them but they don't warrant professionalism. They are just my personal style.

I always seek help of the experts over the net and today, this is my find:

What colours will work best for you? How should you combine them? Here are some no-fail schemes to try.

Colour is a decorator's secret weapon - it can make a large room seem more intimate and a small room less squeezy. It immediately changes the mood of a space. Rich, deep colours bring drama; soft colours are calming. Cool colours in the blue-green range suggest tranquillity and warm, earthy colours are welcoming.

Colours either harmonise or contrast with each other, and their relationship is easy to see on a colour wheel. Ones that harmonise are adjacent on the wheel, while those that contrast sit opposite.

A lot of people are scared of using colour, and live in a sea of beige and off-white. But it's time to lose your fear! These goof-proof colour combos will get you started.

True moody blue is a timeless favourite, a cool colour that suggests tranquillity. Deep, intense blues bring energy and a fresh feel to a room. Pale, soft blues give a sense of open, airy space.
For drama: use deep blue with white, terracotta and rich ochre.
For harmony: use mid-blue with cream and white.

Pink is an extraordinary colour: psychologists believe a pink room will put you in a good, optimistic mood. Tones range from pale fairy floss hues to rose and subtle salmon.
For drama: use pink with turquoise, violet or red.
For harmony: use pale pink with rose and white or salmon with linen and warm neutral tones.

Green is a natural colour, varying from citrus lime to sage, and comes from the cool side of the colour wheel.
For drama: use green with red or orange and white.
For harmony: use green with blue, yellow, cream and linen tones.

More here.

Nope, I am not renovating, re-inventing, re-decorating or mucking around our abode. I am just simply researching and I know this tip will come in handy in the near future!

Hope you'll find this useful as well!

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