Typical Aussie Friday Night

A typical Aussie Friday night is no cooking, gobbling pizza with beer for dinner while watching footy!

I had a little dose of a typical Aussie Friday night. Having pizza for dinner while watching movies. I cooked though but had to keep the meal for the next day and instead order pizza for MCJ and the guy fixing the computers. Oh, I didn't drink any beer also. I don't particularly like beer even if I was not preggy.

And yes, I watched two movies just to be around MCJ.

I don't mind sounding un-cool and admit that I am a Juday fanatic. Back then, I always see to it that I don't miss to see any of her movie.

When Don't Give Up On Us was shown in the cinema, I was here but I secure a copy of the movie when I got back to Manila. I've watched it twice there and I did again last Friday and yet, it didn't fail to entertain me to the max and lighten up my mood. I still giggle and feel mushy like it was the first that I've seen the movie.

I particularly like this movie, as I think this is the first where Juday's role was the mature, sophisticated and practical career woman not the damsel-in-distress role that most if not all of her movies were themed.And I love the twist at the end... made me cry though!

Btw, I had to watch this movie using the headset as MCJ and C (computer geek) can overhear the dialogue and I don't want to rattle them. :D

I bought some old movies before that I reckon worth watching over and over again. And the Story of Us was one. But after seeing the movie, I proved myself wrong. It isn't worth seeing more than once.


Because, the story slipped down pass my expectations. After reading the synopsis saying "they worked on their failing marriage on the latter part" and the acclaim that it was "the most romantic movie of the year", I put all my heart's desire into it. And I just end up disappointed.

I was really looking forward to the moving, heart-wrenching scenes where they would laborously patch up their marriage rather than Katie's realization on the last part opting for the chinese resto instead of their house where they would break the news of their separation to their kids. And pfffftttttt! The end! Fairy tale of sort!

Romantic? There were only few romantic scenes and they were flashbacks.

My only consolation was I like Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfieffer.

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