The Notebook

Genre: Drama / Romance

This is one of the movies that worn me off if I watched over and over again. I've seen this is in the cinema and I bought a disc with the good intention of watching it many times more.

And I did, for the nth times last week.

I am not really into movies that are flashbacks as it ruin my trail of events of the movie but this one is off the record.

I couldn't help to admire Noah for his determination in building his dreamhouse which Allie had made notable contributions on how she want it to be designed when they were still an item, when it was already 7 years that he didn't have contact with Allie. God knows, what Allie could have been up to that time. The house was a labor of love. Little did he know that his love for Allie will bring him back the love of his life.

It is another movie that proves first love never dies rather, it is just burried in the deep recesses of the mind that will be awaken anytime.

The love that Noah and Allie shared was so strong that it brought them out of so many hurdles even dementia.

Nicolas Sparks could not make it more beautiful and inspiring as it already was.

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