Kristin Hannah: Home Again

I have read this moving novel a long time ago yet, it never stops to touch the melodratic in me every time I read or hear related stories.

Hollywood bad boy, Angel De Marco has everything - talent, looks and fame. Then tragedy strikes, and he winds up in the care of cardiologist Madelaine Hillyard, the woman he had ran out on 16 years before. But it will take more than forgiveness for the betrayals of the past to save Angel.

Angel has a brother, Father Francis - obviously a priest, who's the complete opposite of him in attitude even while they were young. Angel, the bad boy - alcoholic, smoker - was prompted by a very bad news, he won't live long unless he'll have a heart transplant. That's when Madelaine, his childhood love and his brother came into the picture again.

Moving forward, Father Francis met an accident on a stormy night when he was going home from a conference. He then became brain dead. And his heart was transplanted to Angel, of course with out the latter's knowing. There is this strict confidentiality regulation.

After the transplant, Angel became a different person. In some ways, he was living his own old life as well as Father Francis'. The story has a happy, melodramatic ending.

Don't pass up to grab a copy whenever you're close to a bookstore!

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Lanyce Suddeth said...

This book turned out to have a very special meaning for me. I found it while on vacation a couple of years ago. My son and I went to an Island right after his grandma passed away from a heart ailment. I read the book and it touched me. After we got home, we started noticing some symptoms and eventually went to a dr. Months later I was diagnosed wtih Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and him with the beginnings of it. Mine is advanced and I was informed that I would eventually need a transplant. I re-read the book and as corny as it sounds, it gave me comfort.

Its a wonderful story.

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