For One More Day

This one great book is by Mitch Albom. Have read two of his bestselling books before and now is always on the lookout for something new from him.


For One More Day is a book about regrets, but also a love story. Chick Benetto is a middle aged man who has become a lonely alcoholic with no reason to live. He is estranged from his only child, divorced and the only person who ever loved him completely, is long buried. He decides to end his life and chooses his childhood home as the site. When he arrives there he encounters his mother. He realizes that he has been given another chance to make things right. In the “one more day” that he gets to spend with her, he discovers the reason for his parents’ divorce, learns about the sacrifices his mother made for he and his sister and gains insight into her character. This journey provides him with hope and the conviction to become a better father and person. More...


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